the artworks


InterContinental Double Bay, in collaboration with Shanghai United Double Bay, features a collection of significant artworks by celebrated contemporary artists.
The collected art has been curated by Shanghai United’s Chairman Mr Wei Ping and chosen to reflect the hotel’s distinctive style, elegant interiors and luxurious bayside location.

Lumandi (2008)

Zhuang Weng

Zhuang Weng's works contain females with complex expressions, where nihility and emptiness become their normality. Weng exploits concepts of social power, implying individual consciousness and its inner resistance. His art approach works with transparent and semi-transparent triangular spaces to form his narration. In Lumandi, the body is represented as abstract yet organic, with a cold expression channeling nothing-ness and non-existence. 

Out-of-body Soul (2011)
Artist: Luo Xu

 Xu is a sculptor, painter and architect from small town Mile in the Yunnan province who works with concepts such as romanticism and experience. Best known for his visual design for the Dynamic Yunnan show, his art has been collected by various galleries as well as exhibited in the City Hall in Frankfurt, Germany. The red cap and gown with figure removed forms part of his Out-of-body Soul collection and depicts the transformation from common to abstract life.

Scenery Outside the Window (2008)
Artist: Tian Liusha
Born in the 1970s and trained in Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, painter Tian Liusha led the trend of the "cartoon generation" in the early 1990s. Whilst working with post-modernism influences creating pop art, he also included distinctive characteristics reminiscent of classical styles. In the Flying Traditional Series, he works with the concept of Buddhist culture creating works which aimed to portray inner freedom. The style of art, especially the stylized bald head has become a unique trademark of his work.
Expression Series (2004)
Artist: Zhao Nengzhi    
Born in Sichuan, Nengzhi’s works have been featured in exhibitions across the world including London, France, Amsterdam, Boston and Bejing to name a few. In the Expression Series, Nengzhi paints faces that we cannot bear to see; faces that portray inner youth, the struggling of the soul and ultimately, redemption. He narrates human nature through the face, where they no longer possess characteristics of time and youth, but the liberation of the soul. 
Head Portrait II (2003)
Artist: Guo Jin
Jin was born into the 1960s, an era when young painters portrayed hostility, challenging realism beyond its usual limits. His works have always proved to be more cautious, steering clear of trends and the extreme. Jin’s style is indirect, making audiences feel plunged into the abyss of the unknown. In Yellow Head, he showcases his hostile approach, painting cracks, scars and an illusion of cracked skin; rough like an elephant, defying realism once more. 

The Disturbance of Desire (1997)

Artist: Ma Yixing

Ma Yixing was born in 1958 and has created art from a young age, his works being continuously sold by various international auction houses and published in various magazines and newspapers. Yixing works with various genres and media, including digital art and online interactive chat to portray profound messaging where, although the audience may not initially understand his works, they are drawn into the art and its somewhat random yet intriguing compositions and subject matters.